Search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to change and involve with Google regularly tweaking their algorithms in order to deliver their unrivalled search engine experience. 2018 has seen page speed, mobile first indexing and some broad algorithm updates changing how websites rank on SERPs. With these changes in mind, it opens the question, what will 2019 bring for SEO? We asked our SEO friends from across a range of sectors, what their predictions are for 2019 in SEO.


Will Larter SEO specialist at Mayfly Internet Marketing gives us his thoughts on how SEO impacts big brands and link building.

“It's always hard to predict what any given year will give us in terms of SEO. However, I think that:

  • Google will continue decreasing the amount of organic content on page 1. Swapping natural results for more sponsored ads.
  • Big brands will continue to dominate the SERPs more and more.
  • It's possible that Google's market share will carry on falling to its competitors and they will begin reigning in certain changes that caused these drops (see first bullet point)
  • Links will continue to be the most important ranking factor”

Finally, James Cordall is the Director of Digital Marketing for the Priory Group talks about quality and links.

“2018 saw major changes to the Google algorithm with the “Medic” update rolling out in August, this had a particular impact on healthcare sites with Google punishing low-quality sites.  I can only see this being further enforced in 2019, so I would highly recommend reading Googles E-A-T guidelines (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust) and tailoring your site content accordingly. E-A-T guidelines can be implemented and adhered to by companies of all sizes so it can be a great leveller to help small companies gain ground in the SERP’s. Also, never miss an opportunity to get a backlink to your site (see above)”.

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