Ello Social Media Review

Our latest member to join the team is Amy, an Adverting and Brand Management student studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. Amy is currently in her second year and has just started here at the North West's leading digital marketing recruitment agency, The Candidate, to complete her Agency Life programme were she will gain hands on experience and see what we do day to day.

Over 1.3 billion of us use Facebook and are constantly writing statuses and posting photos, however 'Ello' has recently been stealing Facebooks lime light. 'Ello' was launched back in March this year as a private website with only 90 active users. On the 7th August they launched their public platform but still kept the site as invite only. With over 45,000 requests to join per hour 'Ello' is soaring to the top, successful users have even jumped on the 'EBay bandwagon' by selling their invitations online starting at 1p to a whopping £100 just for a social media invite!

When I had a quick look at the site I noticed that the content is presented in a grid-like layout that's easier to browse quickly. Also that users can designate each other as 'friends' or move contacts into another category called 'noise' meaning you only get to see what you want to see and what interests you making the site more personal to you.

'Ello's' ideology: "We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce, and manipulate - but a place to connect, create, and celebrate life." I agree to an extent that 'Ello' can keep true to their ideology, however they state it's not a device to 'manipulate' however by the lack of a real names policy my main concern is who are you really friends with? Is 'Ello' allowing us to create a false identity?  Because all you need is just an email address…

'Ello' first hit headlines when Facebook found themselves in some hot water recently over placing a 'real names policy' which I highly agree with after the several cases of internet abuse directed at all ages especially teenagers/young adults who decide to meet up with people they've met via Facebook and finding they're not who they said they were, and more horrifying putting themselves in danger of harm from these strangers. However the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community have hit back after Facebook shut down several 'Drag Queen's' Facebook profiles due to using pseudonyms (false names.)

I would defiantly recommend giving 'Ello' a look if your wanting a social media site with no adverts or restrictions, but always remember to apply with caution and that the account may not be who they say they are. Here's a link to the site so go on, request an invite!


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