This year's SASCON Beta conference will be held on 8thDecember in The Comedy Store, Manchester. SASCon, a Search, Analytics and Social Conference is in its 6th year and this midyear spin off SASCON Beta is also back and we at The Candidate are proud sponsors of the event and the evening social. The social gives delegates a chance to network in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and discuss the day's events over a drink.

SAScon Beta

SAScon and SAScon Beta are both digital conferences ran by top digital professionals in Manchester. They all share a love of digital so strong they brought a world class digital conference to our doorstep and have kept it here!  Due to its success and value in the digital industry they always attract top 'right now' digital professionals as speakers such as earlier this year futurist Robert Scoble to Jeff Coghlan from Matmi who is a unique visionary. This year's speakers at SAScon Beta are as impressive as ever with BBC, Trinity Mirror, Sage all representing and giving digital advice.  They have also secured San Diego business, Tealium who are at the top of their game when it comes to data management.

We caught up with the co-founder Simon Wharton, Managing Director of PushON to hear where SAScon Beta came from and what we can expect.

Simon Wharton

Hi Simon thanks for talking to us.

Firstly SASon has become the centre of the digital calendar, with SASCON Beta being the important off shoot. As one of the co-founders can you tell us where the idea came from?
There were several key elements to developing SASCon. When we started, there was a London centric view on digital marketing. Not only were the conferences unjustifiably expensive, they were low value with all too often, the speaker selling from the stage. We have some of the best talent in the world in the North, it seemed sensible to showcase it.

Who is SASCON it aimed at?
It's meant for anyone who touches on digital and has a passion. Agency, client side, PR, students, business owners, the lot.

What are the key differences between SASCON and SASCON Beta?
SASCon Beta is more experimental. We don't have to make money so we can take risks with who we have on. It might be a left field subject matter or it might be someone talented who is speaking for the first time. We've had people speak for the first time at SASCON who have gone on to speak internationally.

What is the format of the day?
We've slimmed it down to a single track this year. Some frighteningly good expertise in the day but don't forget the social. It's where great ideas are shared!

It is being held at The Comedy Store, what is the inspiration as this as the venue?
Easy to find, decent WiFi and a great presentation space. And don't forget the bar.

As always there are great speakers at all the event this year. How do you keep attracting these top digital professionals and what is their feedback?
People talk about SASCon. It's known for being 'THE' expert conference yet there are no airs and graces. It's a great place to come to make yourself better while hanging out with some of the smartest, nicest people in the industry.

Tealium are closing this year's SASCON beta. What can we expect from them?
Data Data Data.

What is must go to element of this year's event?
I'm looking forward to David Goddard from the BBC. More Big data.

Simon thanks for taking the time to tell us all about it! We are looking forward to seeing you there!


SAScon Beta is definitely an event not to be missed and if you haven't yet got your ticket you can get your ticket here.

Or alternatively if you would like more information on SASCon then contact them here. 


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