As part of our long-standing relationship with Salford University, The Candidate attended the Business School's Recruitment Fair on Wednesday 8th November 2017. For The Candidate, the aim of the recruitment fair was simple, attract and advice the upcoming generation of both marketing and recruitment talent.

It's fair to say that that we have all experienced a period in our lives where there has been confusion about our future, and this can be especially perplexing when you haven't even graduated yet.  For many students, it was hard enough choosing their degree, never mind thinking about how they'll utilise that degree afterward!

One of the many challenges which marketing graduates are facing is the need for relevant marketing experience prior to their graduation which is why we were able to offer students who attended the recruitment fair, the opportunity to undertake work experience in our marketing department. Our marketing internship has proved a huge success in the past with Salford University alumni joining us on a full-time basis after their graduation.

The Salford Business School Recruitment Fair also gave us a platform to inform the marketing students of the various opportunities available within the digital industry. We were able to advise students on the various graduate schemes which are available with a number of our key clients. 

'It's not always what you know, but who you know'

Experienced professionals within the industry will know that networking is highly significant if you want to further your career. Students may find this idea daunting, especially if they don't know where to look for appropriate network events. Attending the recruitment fair enabled us to promote to the marketing students the upcoming Educational Trust fundraising event which will be a great opportunity for them to network with key industry influencers from companies such as The Guardian and Mediacom.

Another challenge which many students face is the reality of completing a degree in which they decide not to pursue a career in. If you ask recruiters how they started their recruitment career, a significant amount will say that they 'fell into it'. Sometimes we can't see what's in front of us until someone else points it out, which is exactly what we sought to do at the Salford Business School Recruitment Fair. We wanted to show students that digital marketing recruitment could be the right option for them by informing them on why they should #workforus.

The Candidate's Top 5 Tips for Graduates:

  • Gain relevant work experience within the industry.
  • Attend networking events.
  • Google your dream job in order to find the skills you’ll need.
  • Start your job hunt early.
  • Get yourself up-to-date on the latest industry trends!

Ultimately, the recruitment fair was just as insightful for us, as we hope it was for the students. Whilst the students benefitted from advice in regards to graduate roles and the marketing industry, we were able to gauge an understanding of the future generation of marketers.

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