Gareth Hoyle, Managing Director of remote-first marketing agency, Marketing Signals, talks to our Senior Agency Recruitment Consultant, Evie Barker, about his role in the agency, how they're attracting the top talent, how to stand out in the industry, and what it's like working with us at The Candidate.


Gareth Hoyle, MD at Marketing Signals


Name the top 5 stand out characteristics you believe make someone successful in your agency/field:

  • A thirst for knowledge
  • Tenacity
  • Drive
  • Conviviality
  • Attention to detail

What are the barriers of recruiting in your industry, and how have you been able to combat this?

Lack of talent. That’s just the reality, not a slight on those working in the industry. Demand exceeds supply for the very best people so when it comes to recruiting it's hugely competitive. However, our ethos of providing a good work/life balance means candidates are often attracted to us on this basis.

What’s you and your team’s experience been like working with us at The Candidate.

The Candidate are our preferred recruiter of choice - they’ve placed more candidates than any other recruiter by far. The reasons for this are:

  1. They understand our business
  2. They only offer candidates that match our requirements and
  3. They are totally upfront and honest at all stages of the process

Oh, and one more - they are extremely friendly and courteous - which can’t be said of all recruiters.

Thanks for taking the time out to have a chat with us Gareth!

Get in touch with Evie if you’re an Agency looking to hire new talent and you want to chat to a recruiter who takes time out to understand your team and business needs! You can brief us here.