SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is soaring in popularity as brands do battle to increase their SERP rankings and collect backlinks – and it’s a great time to get involved! Do you want a job in SEO but are unsure about where to start? Take a wander with us as we walk you through some top tips for getting started in the industry or levelling up your SEO career. We’ll help you hit the ground running!


There are no short cuts!

The SEO sector is dynamic, there are always developments and changes to how things are done, and new processes or software to get to grips with. Keep up to date with industry know-how so you don’t fall behind. You can attend refresher courses, read industry journals, blogs, or magazines. For example, here is a short article about link building for beginners that you could read during your lunch break!


Get social along the way

Becoming immersed in the industry is also important – you never know what opportunities might arise whilst networking! Spend some time on LinkedIn searching for those who are active in the industry, or even people who have the job you would love and connect with them! Have a look for SEO focussed conferences or online talks - Meetup is a great place to search for SEO focussed events, workshops, and communities to join. Even listening to relevant podcasts can help you feel more connected to the industry you’re trying to join or progress within – try ‘Search Off The Record’ by Google, or the ‘Search Engine Journal Show’.


You can start your journey from anywhere

Look for entry level role or graduate schemes for digital marketing – a lot of employers will help you learn the skills you need for the role! We have a number of entry level roles that are hiring right now! Click here to take a look.


We hope this has helped you feel inspired to start your journey towards becoming an SEO pro! 

Written by Natalie Metcalf, Marketing Assistant


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