The Candidate is excited to announce that we will be working with the MPA on our latest piece of research which will be released at SAScon 2017 and throughout the rest of summer. The research will focus on the development of Senior Level positions in businesses across the area.


After witnessing an influx in the level of briefs for senior level positions, we have recently launched our Executive Search and Selection department, which focuses on placing candidates at mid- top level of management.  This influx could be further evidence of the successes of the marketing sector within the region and the maturing of these businesses to create the need for experienced and senior individuals.

Industry professionals should find this encouraging and it’s really something to shout about, it highlights what we have here in Manchester as a destination for businesses and talent. Therefore, it seemed fitting that the new piece of research centred on the opportunities which exist at an Executive level within marketing, media and creative organisations across the region.

The report will look into the attributes of the candidates that are required to fill these vacancies whilst also aiming to identify the time frame for these roles to be filled. The research will provide us with a deeper understanding of what the talent looks like at this level, between £70k & £150k marketing roles. How experienced are they, what has got them into their roles and how can we profile these as examples of others wishing to realise these levels? We’d like to know if they arrived in the area because of the roles themselves or have they built up their career regionally? What portion of their success is down to digital knowledge and how has this played a part in both their development and the region’s growth? In order to do this, we need feedback from owners, decision makers and directors in businesses across the region, to answer twelve short questions to create the picture.  

The Candidate and the MPA are extremely interested in how the sector is developing at this level. Having a strong understanding of Executive level jobs will provide us with a true reflection of the sector’s decision makers in marketing and also an insight into how the industry can progress.

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