There’s no surprise that this year’s theme for the Fjord Trends is mapping out new territory. With the high levels of uncertainty and vast amount of adaptation that 2020 demanded, this year will need to focus on solving new and emerging challenges in a reflexive and innovative way. Andrew Finslayson, Senior Transformation Executive at Accenture, talked us through three of his favourite and most exciting trends as part of the Manchester Digital Member Conference.


Rituals Lost and Found

The pandemic disrupted a lot of our familiar routines – the morning commute, lunchtime coffee run, after work drinks, weekend out partying… but in their place, new ones appeared. Walking the new dog before work, weekly virtual catch ups with friends, and even time to make all the sourdough and banana bread you could ever want. The anxiety brought on by the unprecedented changes we have experienced has put increased focus on mental wellbeing, with meditation apps being more popular than ever. Remote working, furlough, or even redundancy, has given many people the chance to reassess what is important to them – whether it’s a change in career, shift of work-life balance, or a shake up of spending habits, this change will be felt across the board.

So clearly, the understanding of consumers new habits and behaviours is key for businesses.

Tapping into the emotional side of ritualistic behaviour can lead consumers to develop a strong connection to a brand. In an increasingly isolated world, providing a sense of comfort and belonging can go a long way. A great example of this is how Starbucks write your name on the coffee cup – making it a personal and customised part of their customers (often daily) routine. Finally, by utilising emotional anchors (where we share important moments with others), brands can position themselves as a source of comfort for customers. A great example of this is how Klarna hosted an online music festival to make up for the ones that were cancelled during lockdown – providing music fans with an outlet to make up for their lost plans!


Thank you to Manchester Digital for a great virtual conference, and to Andrew Finlayson for a really enlightening talk! Let us know about any predications you have for upcoming trends this year!

Written by Natalie Metcalf, Marketing Assistant.


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