OK, so we’re a recruitment agency specialising in Marketing that knows little or nothing about reviewing restaurants, but having moved right by the Northern Quarter we were keen to get out there and try the local pubs and restaurants and let you know what we thought! Our Managing Partner, Colin Telford, and Marketing Recruitment Director, Laura Walters visited Evelyn's Cafe, read all about their experience here! 



Whilst catching up about all things marketing recruitment in the world, Colin and I relaxed amongst the surroundings of green interior plants that were dotted throughout the bright and airy room. Without overkill, reminders of South East Asia were in the air as were the spices from the freshly cooked meals in the kitchen which themselves nodded towards African cultures. A definite Botanical feel to the restaurant without the bugs to match.


The co-working space lounge beneath offers small businesses and individuals in the creative industry an area to blossom (it’s called Daisy). This hub of talent and creativity adds to the appeal of the restaurant, were many from the area would meet suppliers and clients over coffee or something to eat. Apparently the co working space hours finish just in time for the evening to kick off and we’ll all be sure to head down there after work some day for a few drinks and strictly non work chat! Recruitment can be so dull sometimes.

Be sure to get yourself down to Evelyn’s and experience what we’ve had over a fantastic lunch, suitable for friends, meeting colleagues and definitely taking clients.

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