Just a stone’s throw from our new office, Cottonopolis has already become a favoured watering hole amongst the team here at The Candidate. However, our senior consultants Dominique and Caldon wanted the full experience and booked out a lunch break to take on the taste-test!

Here are 5 things they loved about the Japanese-inspired Mancunian restaurant...


4. The Crowd

The combination of good food, a vast drinks selection and well-designed space naturally draws in a ‘cool’ but surprisingly diverse crowd. At lunch times you can expect to see suited and booted business man sat alongside hotdesking creatives. Unlike a lot of the hipster NQ hangouts, Cottonopolis ditches the air of pretence in favour of a ‘welcome all’ environment - including dogs!

5. The Staff

The staff at Cottonopolis are attentive and knowledgeable. If you struggle to navigate the Japanese-inspired menu, they can easily reel off recommendations according to your preferences. The service is quick too and served with a smile!

If you’re ever in the northern quarter, make sure you try Cottonopolis! 

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