Emma Burke, Agency Recruitment Manager at The Candidate with over 7 years recruitment experience, blogs about it’s just so much better working agency-side!



Our top 5 reasons for going agency side are:

  1. Training, support and investment into the development of people and teams is greater as service is their product. This is different to client side because their product is what they sell, not the people that market it.
  2. Get the opportunity to work across multiple campaigns, clients and products as well as meeting all sorts of different people who approach things in their own unique way. This tends to be different from the singular approach from many client side roles.
  3. Having more people in your own team that do a similar role allows for the development of ideas and fine tuning of campaigns. If you’re the only one doing PPC for example, then you’ll not have that opportunity in the office.
  4. Because clients demand so much from their agencies, and each agency is striving to stay one step ahead of others, you are never far away from the latest ideas and products that agencies have to adopt. It’s a cool way to test new things on your client’s behalf.
  5. Advertising agency culture can far exceed client side’s attempts at creating a great culture because of the activities that agencies get up to. These normally include great nights out, away days, jollies from suppliers, client hospitality or training events. If these are for you then maybe an agency job is right up your street!

You only need to read the regional publications to learn that the North West is becoming increasing popular for Marketing Services Agencies, with agencies creating satellite offices here or relocating their Head Offices. Therefore crucial senior appointments are being made to spearhead growth and professionals from London are making the move “up North” to firmly settle their roots in one of the beautiful localities that we have to offer. It truly is very exciting!!

The Candidate is working with some incredible agencies, working on roles spanning a variety of different disciplines and levels. We’re growing our team here to ensure that we are connecting with the best people and providing them with the best opportunities on the market. 

It’s exciting, but busy! Believe us, we love being busy! There’s a buzz in the office and the agency team here is growing, and we desperately need more people!

If you want to be part of something truly exciting and love being busy, please get in touch as we're alway looking to add new talent to the team!

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