Laura Walters, Recruitment Board Director, has invested her career in carefully curating the right marketing professionals into the right roles and many of the businesses she’s placed in have invested heavily in performance marketing and digital. Here she explores how there are subtle but important changes in the market and how businesses are appearing to go back to brand-led marketing. 


The requirement for Marketers to really understand all areas of the marketing mix and to deliver truly differentiated brand experiences across all touchpoints is not the only area where I am seeing convergence. Modern brand thinking is not just about creative identity and integrated brand experiences but also about how the DNA of a business percolates through an Organisation. I am therefore seeing a trend in Human Resource professionals having an increased focus on how they create and promote the culture of their company; their Employer Brand.

How an Organisation is perceived on the inside as well as what Customers see on the outside through their products and services is high on the agenda for the majority of HR professionals that I speak to everyday when receiving briefs on new hires. Cultural fit of an individual is in my opinion one of the primary reasons why a Candidate is either successful or not in securing a role. With the most successful companies I work with I can feel the culture whether I am talking on the phone with a Client or attending a meeting in their offices.

The internal brand and the external one that a customer sees is therefore converging with HR Professionals and Marketeers increasingly working together to a common purpose and set of values in a way that I have not really seen before. It’s obvious to me, it is so much easier to hire for a company that has strong and positive external brand presence which is echoed internally. As one of my HR Clients said, the old adage is back…’Happy People means Happy Customers.’ A cliché I know but it’s good to see Organisations really putting this at the centre of their plans.

So as we say goodbye to 2019 and toast in the next decade, it's fantastic to see that role of the Marketeer is rejuvenating as the lifeblood of an Organisation once more. Digital and data skills are still very much alive but brand is making a coming back as their true partner, new decade, old rules.

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