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Digital Marketing is a relatively new discipline in a world previously dominated by Madison Avenue dinosaurs, but its exponential growth is showing no signs of slowing down. Digital PR Executive at Marketing Signals, Yossy Akinsanya, reveals the knowledge everyone should know getting started in this wild and wonderful industry.

Yossy Akinsanya - Digital PR Executive at Marketing Signals


2. Mosaic Instagram Layouts

By now most businesses understand that Instagram is a visual platform, but not all of them know how to use this to their advantage. High-quality photos and videos are one thing, but how can brands stand out from the competition through their Instagram accounts?

Damo’s Personal Training uses Instagram’s grid layout to their advantage by uploading photos that come together to form a much larger image when viewed at a distance – just like a mosaic. This gives their account a much more cohesive look, creating a stronger brand image and capturing the attention of their followers.

While many digital creative jobs require candidates to be competent in using social media, creating a striking grid layout requires a keen insight into design as well as careful planning and organisation. Other transferable creative skills that can help you exceed in this area include photography and the ability to use image-editing software.


3. Limited Edition Launches

Sometimes all it takes to reignite a customer’s interest in a business’s products is a limited edition launch. This involves a lot of out-of-the-box thinking and trend-related research, making it an ideal project for any eCommerce creative professional. Limited edition products usually feature a special new design, but can sometimes also tie products in with seasonal events, such as Christmas or Halloween.

Limited edition launches can drum up excitement amongst both new and existing customers, especially if the campaign includes a countdown. All kinds of recognisable brands are on the limited run hype, from clothing labels like Billionaire Boys Club, to Scottish beer enthusiasts BrewDog. Creatives will need to use their understanding of the market to come up with ways to encourage audiences to engage with the campaign, which might include running a giveaway, advertising the number of limited edition products that will be on sale, or asking customers to share photos of their new goods across social channels.


4. Social Media Memes

Much like viral content, memes are unpredictable, which makes creating new ones a monumentally difficult task. Fortunately, the appeal of memes is that they can be repeated and imitated by anyone in a wide variety of contexts. Rather than trying to create trends, it’s better to join existing trends and use them in a unique, creative way that will resonate with your audience.

Memes are commonly used across social media, with brands such as yappyhydrop, and even fashion powerhouse Gucci integrating popular jokes and images into their marketing strategies. Successful meme content creation requires creatives to be up-to-date with trends and have the ability to tailor their tone of voice to suit a wide variety of contexts. Audiences will easily be able to spot brands that don’t truly understand memes and pick out their mistakes, so it’s crucial to practice social listening and really immerse yourself within popular internet culture.


Written by Yossy Akinsanya - Digital PR Executive at Marketing Signals

Thank you to Simon Rattray - Digital Marketing Specialist at Marketing Signals for helping facilitate this blog!


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