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Laura Walters, Recruitment Board Director, operating in Executive Search & Selection has been asking her network what they think will be the movers and shakers in marketing for 2022.

With tight budgets, the metaverse, social responsibility, the demise of cookies and more, there is a lot in store for marketing in 2022, check out the predictions below!


 Head of Marketing Manchester Darryl Hall

Darryl Hall, Head of Marketing

Darryl Hall, Head of Marketing at Fonehouse predicts that 2022 will hold both risk and opportunity.

"I see a continuation of what we observed in 2021, with the rise in discontent from consumers through to employees.  Without the current Omnicom ‘crisis’ I think the start of 2022 would have been a larger trigger moment for mass change. Instead, I’d expect Spring being the major turning point, where people will put their voices and feet to change fundamental aspects of their lives. This breeds both a risk and opportunity depending on which side you sit on.

2022 will mark the year where disposable incomes are squeezed beyond anything in living memory. As inflation creeps in, key utilities face a breaking point, consumers face less choice in switching to save money. Return to offices will be more widespread raising costs in commuting. Against a backdrop of inflation and working change, consumers will be seeking more escapism and ways to save elsewhere. That’ll cause pressure in areas that enjoyed sales and margin lift these past few years.

Those businesses that have seen unprecedented growth through eCommerce and Delivery over these past few years will need to work harder to retain consumers and save them money. Leisure, Travel and hospitality will hopefully bounce back as people focus on those pursuits in enjoying the micro moments more but businesses in that space will no doubt, stay cautious in the still present pandemic changing at any moment.

In the marketing performance space, especially eCommerce, there has been a lot of easy growth and the change in pace and need to work harder, that will weed out those that found opportunity in hiding behind those natural changes. Brands that are keen to create sustainable medium-term growth will invest into building themselves organically, through earned media and brand. I believe there will be a resurgence on those channels specifically.  I expect those brands that have benefited through the pandemic to take those well-earned dividends to further invest into innovation and technology to power the next 5-10 years of their growth. To take this moment to think ahead as a reset moment, as consumers will be doing for 2022."


 Beth Morris

Beth Morris, Digital Marketer

Beth Morris, Programme Leader for BA Digital Marketing at Chester Business School. predicts post third party cookies advertisers will invest in accessing high quality first party data.

"2022 will be an interesting year for the digital advertising industry. While there are still some uncertainties about life after the eventual (and lingering!) demise of third-party cookies, it is evident that advertisers recognise the value of high-quality first-party data. In 2022 we will see even more investment in first-party data management and analytics. The benefits of high-quality data ownership will be felt throughout the customer journey. As we move from hyper-targeted advertising towards broader contextual approaches there will be a greater battle for audience attention. The more high-quality insight advertisers have the better they can develop relevant and distinct creative. Beyond awareness, intelligent use of first-party data will help brands develop deeper, more meaningful connections with customers."



 Jess McEwen

Jess McEwen, Marketing and Brand Consultant

Finally Jess McEwen, Marketing and Brand Consultant feels that authenticity and consistency will be clear winners in 2022.

"Pandemic weary and distrustful.

Potentially the worst dating bio, and how consumers are collectively feeling heading into 2022.

After being told to “Stay Indoors”, (yet learning Bojo had a BYOB shindig at number 10) and then “Eat Out To Help Out” which was swiftly redacted, followed by mixed messages about food and fuel shortages with a final flourish of conspiracy theories regarding the vaccine it’s no wonder we’re all feeling a little edgy.

With this in mind, authenticity and consistency are the key themes for moving into the New Year.

2022 should be the year of brand - never have audiences been as united in spirit as they are now. Effective, trustworthy information is the key to delivering a compelling message this year.

There will undoubtedly be more “shoppable” content - with eCommerce as we know it shifting entirely to “Social Commerce” leaving Website homepages and traditional site navigation in yesteryear.

Finally, sustainability will be more of a focus than it was pre-pandemic, nothing brings home the fragility of the planet like a global pandemic, does it?

In short, this year - be honest, say something meaningful and consider generational impact."


Thanks to all our contributors.

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Laura Walters, Board Recruitment Director at The Candidate

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