With 2020 now well and truly in swing we have some more marketing predictions for the year ahead from marketing professionals across a range of backgrounds. From PPC, SEO and eCommerce there are loads of great ideas on what is next for marketing.

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Gerry White, an experienced digital marketing specialising in SEO and Analytics as well as co-organiser at eCommerce Roundtable, www.takeitoffline.co.uk discusses what we can expect for SEO in 2020. 

One of the key things we saw in 2019 was that pages were no longer the focus of Google, in fact it shifted towards an understanding of entities and understanding what they are, and how they apply to each user, typically Google tried to see if they could monetise it. Google are increasingly owning and commercialising the SERP for many key popular searches you would have to scroll a long way to see a set of classic organic results (try 'marvel' on a mobile phone).  Within digital teams, we are seeing the rise of Machine Learning (often labelled AI) and the impact and insights it is starting to reveal are incredible but we are still at early days,  the key thing here is that the cost and availability has dropped with Google and Microsoft making it accessible to ever larger datasets. 

Voice will continue to rise, but it will be subtle, in the same way mobile rose - more and more smart devices are entering the home, but the way to win will be to understand that you need to understand your business as entities rather than as pages. Another aspect that will rise is image search, people can already take a photo of a bottle of wine and buy it quickly within Google, this will increase as people learn it and it becomes as second nature as typing. 

One prediction I made last year would be that Progressive Web Apps would start to kill off apps, unfortunately, this was a little premature and app marketing is still a critical skill for many businesses 


Chloe Kendall, Senior Marketing Executive at Cocogreen talks about personalisation and how she feels 2020 will see it become even bigger in marketing.

In 2020, there is going to be a greater push on personalisation. Even though it has been on the agenda for the past couple of years, the next 12 months will see significant advances in how brands can personalise their marketing messages, thanks to ever-improving technology and more intelligent data collection. As experts think that the average consumer receives between 4,000 and 10,000 different branded messages each day, it is more important than ever that marketers can cut through this noise to make their business heard. During the next year, personalisation will not just be a buzzword - it will become the norm. 


Aleksej Heinz, Associate Professor at Kedge Business School gives us his 3 marketing predictions on what he sees for marketing in 2020.

  1. a) Influencer Marketing is going to become more mature - service level agreements and performance paid models with clear expectations on Return on Investment will become more prevalent  
  2. b) Marketers must work harder on authenticity of the message - since consumer are increasingly growing aware of fake reviews and fake news etc   
  3. c) Artificial Intelligence-based tools will help marketers to develop their complex paid advertising campaigns


Alex Vaughan, Associate at Kantar Consulting / WPP tells us what he thinks will affect eCommerce and how personalisation will impact how we shop.

In 2020, we’ll start to see a greater split online between experiential shoppers and shoppers that want a minimised digital experience. The marketing proposition of experiential shopping is better understood, with some exceptions, by newer players deploying personalised and rapidly optimisable paths to purchase over channels like Instagram and YouTube. See – Pretty Little Thing. However, the demand for a seamless and minimised shopper journey is only going to increase with both the proliferation of channels like voice commerce and the growth of convenience solutions deployed by major players such as Amazon partnering with CPG brands. 2020 is quite possibly the year the middle market is absorbed completely into experience conscious category leaders or fought over by price orientated behemoths. Keep an eye out in the UK for Alibaba, too! 


Thank you to all our contributors, there is a lot of food for thought and an exciting year ahead for marketing. Get involved with the conversation and let us know your thoughts on social media, #marketing2020.


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