With the dawn of a new year and decade, we asked marketing professionals from a range of backgrounds to see what they predict for marketing in 2020. Some of their predictions include a global beer company updating their 70-year-old marketing strategy to the rise of Reddit and Quora, read them all here!

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Next we hear from James Crawford Managing Director at PR Agency One tells us his predictions for 2020.  

This year's prediction is that after a number of large global agencies have acquired measurement and analytics tools providers, we will now in 2020 see an offering that is available to the small and medium sized companies. Rather than tools, these PR analytics systems will be more of a quality process, led by AMEC and their framework, rather than a one size fits all piece of software.


Tim Hyde, Social Media Marketer tells us his predictions on businesses' social media budgets and how they will focus on their customers.

1) I think a big part of 2020 is that we are going to see a huge shift in performance marketing spend. This spend is going to become more distributed so for example only 70% of budgets will go on Facebook and Instagram and we will start to see channels such as Snapchat and Pinterest taking up the remaining 30%. Snapchat and Pinterest have amazing conversion rates compared to other channels so I think businesses will invest more on quality rather than quantity.

2) I think brands will focus more on middle funnel communications. This means that less focus will be on their new customer acquisition strategy and more on customers who are already engaged. Encouraging these consumers to buy and interact more will improve customer lifetime value and increase loyalty.


Thanks to all our contributors, we can now sit back and watch what 2020 and the new decade will bring for marketing. 

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