What is it?

If you're involved in marketing or creative at any level then this event could be right up your little networking street. Along with the coffee and alcohol, there are mentors available who can help you with your business or even career! All you've got to do is become a member and the benefits of this could be outstanding for you or your business's development.

When and Where?

This cracker of a development event is at 1800 on Thursday 27th September at 2012. All you have to do is to join as a member and you'll be given the location.

For who?

It's a long list but here goes:Art · Marketing · Art & Creativity · Business Strategy and Networking · Business Networking · Small Business · Personal Growth and Business Development · Meeting New People · Social Networking · Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing


If you haven't heard by now, digital is where it is at and by networking and developing your career you'll be right in the middle of this booming industry in no time.

More details?

More information, with a list of the kind organisers are listed here:




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