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5.09pm - Goodbye SAScon 2014! 2 fantasic days and one hell of a night! Thanks for having us! 

4.32pm - Closing note: Don't think as all journalists as journalists - they're writers! Get them to write for you…they love to big themselves up & you'll promote what they've written…

4.26pm - "PR can be done, but only by the right SEO! The problem most SEO's have is that they are too abrupt. PR's can't do SEO as they do not have the technical skills set." 

4.25pm - 5 Top Tips

  1. PRs should get guidance from SEOs to understand what sites to target
  2. Go local - start locally! Target local media, it's easier! Don't always chase the big ticket.
  3. Go big or go home! Never back down - if you're going to be controversial do it! That's what lawyers are for!
  4. We don't need press releases! Brief Journo on the phone…
  5. Have multiple bites of the cherry! 

4.08pm - Press releases are dead, they need support with infographic, video, whitepapers!

4.06pm  Get best out of combined approach - PR push stories out & SEO can get it to the most effective places online 

3.55pm - If you are going to be controversial, how far are you willing to go? Controversy can affect people's lives. 

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3.40pm - PR, it's awesome when it happens however the back links and technical SEO is essential.  

3.35pm - If SAScon did Titanic 

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3.33pm - PR & SEO are Fighting for budget

3.30pm PR are we now just SEO bitches?: Speakers include Andy Barr, 10 Yetis & Dave Naylor

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3.00pm More Alcohol?! But this time its on SAScon ;)


2.30pm - And the winner is . . . . . George Roberts from MediaCom North you're the Bowling Champion of SAScon 2014! 


1.00pm  Some more great responses on the #GoNorth Board from @N1X "The people are so friendly and smart", @SmartRich "Beer, Great Houses & Fresh Air", 

11.30am - What would you say to people who say forget about links? "40% of page ranking is gaged on what others see, you need to make sure you're known! Google values what others are saying about you etc. links, mentions, even non-follow links - they all count

11.25am - "Google can go to hell" - Google isn't just targeting big companies, they are targeting bloggers for selling 

11.20am - Bloggers are more savvy & less amenable to working without compensation

11.15am - Sweeten up bloggers! Talk to them on the phone - they are real people! 

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11.10am - Don't tell bloggers to F OFF - you'll feel the wrath of online communities & get shown at conferences! 

11.00 am - PR's increasingly being asked to do the job of an SEO

10.50am - Beware bloggers share - if you're planning on paying a blogger keep in mind they probably already know what you've paid before.

10.45am - Watch out! Don't pretend to be a consumer if you are working on for the brand get up 2 date with legislation or you could be fined or locked up! 

10.43am - Editorial vs. sponsored - sway consumer opinion without full disclosure is a criminal offence 

10.40am - Bloggers vs PRs vs SEOs: Judith Lewis Fight, Fight, FIGHT!

10.10am - Google Glass.. are not cool, they're basically like a Segway for the face

9.50am - One self-driving car creates 1gb of data per second. If everyone drove a self-driving car... we would melt the cloud.  If cars had kept up with computing, they would cost $25 and do 100,000 mpg 

9.40am - SAScon Day 2 kicks off with Keynote - ' Mobile, Big Data & The Cloud - Cindy Krum, CEO and Founder, MobileMoxie

Mobile And Big Data

Very interesting and very loud start to the day from an enthusiastic Cindy, if anyone was planning on a little nap this morning it certainly won't be happening. 

SO what have we found out: 

Mobile will eclipse desktop and this is due to the fact people have multiple devices, there is a one:many ratio. Typically there is one or two desktops per home whereas individuals probably have many mobile devices such as tablets, phones, work phones etc.

 DAY 2

5.30pm - Now off to the social.....

4.45pm - The Candidate Relocation Research Revealed - See the report in full here...

Sascon Close

3.15pm We're asking people what they love most about the North West and one lucky person will in a voucher to the Manchester's restaurant of the moment.. you've guessed Red BBQ! We've had some cracking entries and some cheeky ones too..

Go North

2.50pm - Twitter Tips from Opta Joe: Simon Banoub, Opta Sports. Chaired by Kristal Ireland, Enjoy Digital.

Opta Sports, they've even made Joey Barton happy! 5 Top tips for social media from leading analytics company...

  1. Segment your audience, segment your account & keep content relevant!
  2. Be human, be approachable, and let staff join in conversations. Chill! Encourage staff to interact with customers
  3. Timing is important! Utilise scheduling, find out when people are reading - not everyone works 9 -5 and consider what time people will be commuting!
  4. Amplification of message! There are people who can and will happily amplify your message if targeted correctly! Be Loud!  
  5. You appear in someone's timeline for a reason - make sure you're interesting! 

2.10pm - BEWARE of Privacy

Have you heard about Re-set the net day? If you're not paranoid about privacy already check this out… Apparently 'they' are watching everything.. through webcams, baby monitors, cameras.... when you want to get life insurance in 20yrs time remember you'll have to be honest when you disclose how many units of alcohol you've drank as they'll already know! Think about that next time you check-in to your favourite Northern Quarter bar… 

2.00pm - Google Glass

Do you really want Google to see everything and everyone you see? Would you invite Google with you into the bathroom? No, didn't think so… Major security flaws & privacy issues will be the death of Google Glass. 

1.50pm - Soon we'll be living in a "Display-centric World" which basically means screens will be everywhere - on your fridge, worktops and even pavements! If you haven't already check out the Pepsi Max Unbelievable Bus Shelter 

1.40pm - Possibly the quote of the day from Jeff "People who play the Xbox tend to be chubby gamers" 

1.30pm - Keynote - The Human Interface - Jeff Coghlan, Matmi

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"The era of Ruport Murdoch and the media mogals is over" (crowd cheers) & this is down to screens! Technology companies are taking over… 


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11am - Pay to Play - Are Paid Search and Social Destroying Organic: Speakers include James Lowery, Compeller , Phil MacKechnie, Travel SuperMarket, Neil Yeomans, Lakestar McCann

Do businesses need to accept paid social media and search are necessities? 

There has been a fundamental change to SEO and that change is link building. No longer can links be bought in bulk to enhance a brands online visibility and this is due to penalties. 

Phil from Travel Super Market talks bad links: "With over 62 million visits per year Travel Super Market cannot afford to be penalised, as visits equate to ROI. Career wise - bad links make your CV unattractive, it's just not worth the risk"

The panel and the audience seemed to agree that businesses need to move away from link building and investing more time in content creation and social media. Companies shouldn't pay for content they should create it themselves to build their brand and improve customer relationships.

SEO is no longer universal; some websites may need technical assistance whereas others need to reconsider their branding. Neil from Lakestar McCann "SEO should start technically - websites need to be optimised technically and then promoted through PR"

Digital Business Lecturer at MMU, David asks "Should we still be teaching SEO?" YES!

SEO is a great skill set to have, it still drives FREE traffic and can be extremely beneficial once you learn how to manipulate google. One tip: Be Creative! 


10am - Brett Tabke - Trends Worth Watching PUBCON

  1. Mobile: In 2014 93.5%of people have their phone in arms reach at all times. People reach for their phones on average 150 times per day, in the US teenagers sending 50msg per hr. Email is dead to next generation, 65% emails are opened on tablet or phone therefore marketers must design mobile friendly email marketing campaigns first. By the end of the year, mobile traffic will overtake desktop!
  2. Web Design 2014: Square is the new round driven by Pinterest. Mobile first & Infinite scrolling are key. 57% abandon mobile sites if pages don't load in 3 seconds. 
  3. SEO: Content has replaced links, Google Plus is essential to optimisation, authorships is everything as Google will prioritise content from known experts! Top tip: Get into Wikipedia editorship (Knowledge Web)

Whats coming next...

VR (Virtual Reality): From headsets, to glasses to contract senses the future is virtual. Big things are happening and it begins with gaming. Brett is excited about the opportunities VR will bring eCommerce however there will be social remifications, according to Brett people will spend their whole lives in VR from 8am to 12am. Watch this space...

9.35am - Welcome to the 5th SAScon! Let it begin..

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9.15am - We're live at SAScon! Catching up with clients and meeting new people! Come and visit our stand to get your 2 x FREE drink tokens!

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