With so many hiring processes now being completely digital, it's never been more important to really nail an interview presentation. We caught up with Leif, one of our Associate Directors, to find out his top tips for making sure your presentation is on perfect form!



I advise all my candidates to add an extra “why me?” slide at the end of their presentation. After what can be quite a content heavy, attention stretching 20 minutes, it’s often a nice release to end on something a bit more light-hearted.

In this slide it’s appropriate to outline what you could bring to the role, and why they should choose you (e.g. 5 years ecommerce experience, have managed large teams, project managed a re-platform) but also to add something to warm everyone up again before you finish – let them know if you make a cracking cuppa, or if you’re a serial snacker who’s always dishing out treats - you get the idea.

Remember that a presentation is as much about your personality and how you come across, as it is the content. The people sat across the table want to feel like they could work with you on a daily basis. Work relationships are some of our most intense. We spend up to 8 hours a day speaking and cohabitating with each other, often under stressful or demanding circumstances. We want to feel like these people would make our work life easier and more enjoyable, rather than weighing us down.

With workplace culture and employee happiness/wellbeing such a prominent topic over the last few years, it has genuinely never been more important to try and quell the nerves and deliver the heck out of the amazing content you’ve created. So, take a deep breath, relax, and let your personality shine through.


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