Imposter Syndrome. Do you have it? Katy Leeson, from Social Chain, explains Imposter Syndrome, her personal experience, and ways to combat it.


Getting over it.

Unfortunately, knowing that other people are experiencing Imposter Syndrome doesn’t just make it all go away. Recently, more and more people are beginning to share their experiences in order to attempt to guide others. Social Chain’s Managing Director, Katy Leeson, who has been very honest about her experience with the condition has come up with a few top tips that help her get through the day and could help you if you think you’re affected too:

  1. Think about the expectation vs. the reality. Remember the reality is what’s made you successful in the first place! So, keep applying the skills you’ve got and forget about the stereotype you’ve got in your head for the person you think you’re supposed to be. When you take the time to think about how your skills match up with your responsibilities it’s easier to remember why you were chosen for the position.
  2. Embrace your imperfections! Nobody knows everything. Katy explains that you don’t have to know everything which is why you can surround yourself with people who fill the gaps in your knowledge. These are people you can learn from and who will be there to help you succeed so don’t be afraid to hire someone who is smarter than you!
  3. Lastly, Katy highlights the importance of embracing doing things differently, doing them YOUR way. Not everything needs doing linearly so don’t be scared to push the boundaries. Be proud of the way you do things, and how you’ve ended up in your job and broken the stereotype of the usual candidate.

So, what can we do?

If you think you have Imposter Syndrome just remember - you were hired for a reason. Someone saw something in you which made you the perfect candidate for your position that made you stand out above the rest. Be proud of that! And for everyone else - always spread positivity! You might be working alongside people who are suffering and singing someone’s praise might just help them through their day.

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