Six and Flow hosted a fabulous evening of networking and guest speakers discussing the ‘Humanising of Sales and Marketing’. The Candidate’s Marketing Manager, Melanie Telford, and Marketing Assistant, Rebecca Birch, went along to hear what the industry experts had to say…


Next up, was Jon Seymour from Inkpact, an innovative marketing agency which aims to touch the heart of their client’s customers in a very humanising way.

Inkpact, offers a unique service which allows their clients to go the extra mile for their consumers. They believe that “communication is both an art and science”, and with the help over 250 freelance scribes from a variety of inspiring backgrounds, they touched the hearts of many, winning 10 magnificent awards along the way.

Their brand emphasises how in the growing digital world which we live in, authentic handwritten communication, still has a profound effect on the emotions of consumers. They believe that handwritten notes, can display a high degree of affection which your customers deserve, differentiating you from competitors.

Their key focus is touching on the six human needs significance, certainty, growth, love, variety, and contribution. Addressing these needs, they have evidenced that connecting with humans like humans, can drive excellent growth for businesses.


“Forget B2B or B2C, the future is Human to Human” 


Last but not least, Gavin Flood, the Senior Director of International Marketing at Adroll, and Richard Wood, Managing Director at Six and Flow, discussed a live case study expressing the advantages of integrating conversational marketing into your business.

Adroll, aim to level the playing field for their clients, making it easy to challenge established brands and grow your business online. Their vision has been a huge success, with over 37,000 brands around the world now using Adroll.

Six and Flow, who specialise in creating digital strategy and delivery, have worked closely alongside Adroll in order to integrate a ChatBot into their business offering. Together, they express the advantages of a ChatBot, showing how conversing with clients in real-time can significantly increase the number of conversations had, and meetings booked with clients. This top-of-funnel marketing strategy has significantly increased Adrolls lead generation strategy allowing them to easily manage the influx of clients they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Many thanks to Six and Glow, for putting on this inspirational event, and to all guest speakers, who allowed us to establish the most innovative and personable techniques in the fast-paced world of marketing. We really appreciated the pizza (and the beers) and will surely be attending any future events!

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