For a business to successfully hire the right Digital Strategist they must first be clear on what they are looking for and what the key elements of the role are. To help with this, Nikhil Patel, with over a decade of digital experience, shares his knowledge on what Digital Strategists are, their importance to a business and what to look for in one.


When looking for the best person Nikhil states that they should have:

  • A high level of emotional intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Commercial awareness
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Highly accuracy
  • Stakeholder management experience
  • Excellent storyteller skills
  • A wide range of experience in a variety of businesses and sectors
  • Experience in development and strategy planning
  • All round digital knowledge
  • Project Management Experience
  • Strong working experience within the digital industry

Nikhil reflects with the thoughts of many employers in asking, ‘Do these people even exist?’, however, he assures us that having the right in-house people to source staff, or a carefully selected recruitment agency, will help with the ease of finding these people. However, there needs to be an awareness that salary and location may play a limiting factor in this hire.

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