Dominique Chainee Bell, Paid Social Specialist at Fluid Commerce, shares her insights on the challenges that women face working in the tech industry, the ways in which we can work on increasing representation, and how women in tech can develop their careers!


Dominique Chainee Bell, Paid Social Specialist at Fluid Commerce


Career Advice for Women in Tech

If you are keen to start a career in tech my top have three pieces of advice for women wanting to get stuck in:

  • Don’t be intimidated. The majority of people I have encountered are incredibly supportive and inclusive. Do your research, step up and speak out when necessary. There’s nothing wrong with taking the position of an authoritative businesswoman.
  • Secondly, find your voice. I think in any industry and any career there is a real knack in learning to be unfailingly professional but firm, diplomatic but direct. You need to trust your knowledge, your expertise, and your contribution. And never stop reading, listening and learning so you can grow and evolve.
  • Lastly Knowledge is power. I took it upon myself in my free time to pick up training on different technologies, different marketing channels so that I have a better understanding of the digital ecosystem. This felt like a superpower to me in meetings/situations.


Fluid Commerce 'Women of Ecommerce' Event

"Doing our bit to bring women together to network is also particularly important. Fluid Commerce is organising its first Women of Ecommerce event in Manchester this Spring, giving women the opportunity to meet, network and share experiences with one another."

If you are interested in coming along to the Fluid Commerce Women of Ecommerce networking event, register here.


Thank you Dominique!

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