It’s always exciting finding your next project as a freelancer, with a variety of industries/brands to choose from to add to your career portfolio. Just like Haylee Campbell, a digital marketeer who has been freelancing for the last few years and decided to reach out to our Senior Recruitment Consultant Ceri Whitney.

Here at The Candidate, we have helped lots of talented freelancers find their next contract and pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service to both candidates and clients alike. Being on hand to help with all things freelance related such as: CV’s, Interviews, day rates, IR35, Umbrella companies, business insurances’ etc. Read more to find out how Haylee found the entire process with using an agency:


How are you finding the digital marketing industry at the moment?

Honestly, it's been a bit of a unpredictable time with the cost of living crisis and I’ve felt a bit buffeted about. I think going through the motions of increasingly complex job applications was quite unsavoury for me after being made redundant, so having support and it not being a completely solitary task has made light of a bit of a patchy time.

What advice would you give to people starting out in contracting / freelancing?

To know your worth and don’t settle for something that isn’t good enough for you and to be open minded as you may be surprised at what else comes along. More practically speaking, to build up an emergency fund as soon as you can because contracts can dry up suddenly, put aside cash to pay for time off, and to get an accountant if like me, you’re terrible at maths. 

Would you use us again?

100%. You’re stuck with me now!


If you’re thinking of becoming a freelancer and don’t know where to start or, are you already a freelancer and need help with your next assignment? Get in touch with our experience contract consultants Ceri Whitney or Katy Nagy (who specialises in anything Creative) to find out what the next steps are and ease of a straightforward experience!

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