Want to find out more about the Analytics community? We’ve complied a selection of resources to help you find exciting UK and online events that will be both entertaining and beneficial for your career!



Standing for conversion rate, analytics and product (phew), CRAP Talks is a London based conference which prides itself on the quality and variation of its discussion panels. Not only is analytics a key focus at the event, but you can also learn about everything from data science to user experience! The speakers are chosen for their experience and acumen, rather than popularity, so you know you’re in for real-world, practical insights from working professionals that will feel actionable and relevant to you. They also have a really interesting and entertaining blog on their website (ever wondered what would happen if Elon Musk did CRO?), and even an archive of presentations on their YouTube channel ('day in the life of a Twitter analyst’ anyone?), so whilst the events might not be taking place in person right now, you can still get your CR.A.P fix… trust us, it’s they’re definitely a lot better than their name first suggests!




A fantastic resource to find local events near you - Meetup is a platform that allows you to search for events focussing on anything that piques your interest, including analytics and data! A great local group on Meetup is ‘Manchester Numberwang! A Data Lover’s Meetup’, where data deep-divers and enthusiasts discuss how data can be used to challenge and excite people – sharing real-world stories and even running guided workshops. However, the move to digital events means its now possible to attend meetups from anywhere in the country, exposing you to an even wider array of ideas, opinions, and information. Meetup also enables you to immerse yourself in a professional community, for example ‘Women in Programming’, which is so important when a lot of us are feeling increasingly isolated. You can even host your own meetup if you feel so inclined – just make sure to invite us okay?!


Hopefully these resources have inspired you to put yourself out there and join the analytics community – what a great way to enhance your career, have fun, and maybe even learn something!

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