In partnership with the Manchester Publicity Association, our latest recruitment whitepaper reveals the North West's latest trends in Executive Level Recruitment within the marketing, media and creative industries.

The report discovered that 71% of respondents are searching for a company which fits with their own sense of team and culture, whilst 42% state that businesses with an abundant amount of progression opportunities would grasp their attention. This isn't a surprise considering that there is a general consensus that we spend extensive hours at work and ultimately those hours should be both as satisfying and as rewarding as possible.

As expected, financial factors are also considered a top priority with 61% claiming that the salary and package offered by a company would be a key factor when attracting them to an Executive Level role. Generally, at Executive Level, you could assume that individuals have financial obligations and families to take care of, hence, a salary and package which reflects the value of the employee is sure to attract the right person for the role.

The results also showcased that a business' brand would be a magnet for Executive Level professionals, with 45% stating that it is a key influencer in their decision-making process. A strong brand provides potential employees with an indication of the company's culture, it can also add a feeling of credibility and importance. This is a great insight for businesses as it shows the significance of investing in their brand's image and ultimately if your potential employees can't buy into your brand then how can you expect your target audience to?

On the other hand, only 5 % indicated that the opportunity for training and development would draw them to an Executive Level role. Naturally, at Executive Level, it would seem likely that the ideal candidate already possesses the required skill set and experience needed to thrive in the role. The Executive Level position itself could enable individuals with the further development they need in order to progress to boardroom level. 

As the region's marketing industry continues to evolve, it's imperative for businesses to attract the right candidates to the company. The report uncovered that both rational and emotional factors are deeply considered at Executive Level and organisations will find it worthwhile, tailoring both their culture and salary packages in order to attract top talent to the region!

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