Counter offer

Brian Matthews, co-founder of The Candidate gives great advice on dealing with a counter-offer in Digital Marketing Recruitment land. Read this to help deal with your next move!

So, many people tend to leave for two main reasons…

  1. The Money, the dollar, the moular …the cash
  2. The power, development, "hit a glass ceiling".

In this blog- I want to highlight the best approach to manage the dreaded counter offer.

Step 1 - As simple as this may sound, speak to you employer and inform them of your thoughts and tell them you are considering leaving. Crazy I know. This will give them an opportunity to present their plans for you and the business, your remuneration, career path and what they have in mind for you.

Step 2 - Way up your options by speaking to your friends and family. Write down the pros and cons for moving on. Are you unhappy going to work? Does your day drag? Do you feel that you're not being rewarded properly? Is the company progressing?

Step 3 - Be decisive. Do you want to move to an organisation that supports development? Do you want to be paid x amount in line with the market? Once you have those parameters in place - do not change them!

Step 4 - When handing your notice in to your employer after you've had an initial meeting they should be expecting it. They may only then promise you everything you have asked for, having done nothing since the meeting - do not be fooled. Stick to your guns - ask the questions of why it took you to hand your notice in. Remember steps 1,2,and 3.

Step 5 - Forget emotion as it's always very difficult to leave a place when you consider peers and your friends that you have developed in your time and you probably like the workplace. Remember, the motivations as to why you were leaving tend to be for commercial reasons.

In the words of our Manchester brethren - Oasis "Don't look back in anger" - you don't want to turn down a role and regret it. Be decisive.

The "Do you" or "Don't you" - should be decided before you enter the market place. For any career advice or if you are struggling to decide on your next move, please speak with our digital marketing specialist recruitment team on 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected] for a call back.



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