We recently caught up with Amy Newton who established Inclusively Tech back in 2019 and has went from strength-to-strength. Her company has been successfully training and consulting clients across the tech and financial sectors on diversity and inclusion in their workplaces.

Read what she has been doing and how you can put steps in place to be inclusive and diverse in your business.


Anything you would say to a business exploring training options for Diversity and Inclusion?

Yes, Diversity and Inclusion can be easier (and a lot more affordable) than you think!


What tips would you give businesses on how to approach their recruitment process in an inclusive and diverse way?

There are three main things for a client to remember when recruiting for diverse talent;

  • Diversity doesn’t always mean advocacy (i.e., just because you have someone in the team who is Trans, this does not mean it is their job to be the ‘poster person’ for the Trans movement and it is not their responsibility to educate you on policies. Most often than not, they will actually feel uncomfortable if you are coming to them frequently to ask how to be more inclusive.


  • Diversity does not equal Inclusion. Even if you succeed in attracting more Diverse candidates through your recruitment process, if the environment they are walking into isn’t ready then you won’t keep them.


  • Rights vs Responsibilities: Being inclusive does not mean that you are beholden to create the absolute perfect environment for one particular individual; a software team is made up of lots of people and it’s important to ensure that any reasonable adjustments are reasonable for everyone. This theory is better explained in depth!

If you would like to get in touch with Amy on potentially helping your business with diversity and inclusion, head over here and drop her a message!

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