Design trends are always changing. If you check out my blog from last year about creative trends for 2022, we were talking about TikTok, AI, and big data. Many things have changed this year in Design & Creative, but what’s on the horizon for 2023? Let’s take a deep dive…

Katy Nagy - Creative Recruitment Manager


Art Deco

If 90's Nostalgia isn’t for you, then the distinctive Art Deco vibes might be more suitable.

Classic art deco style is symmetrical, geometrics shapes, and metallic colours like gold & chrome - think the Great Gatsby!  It feels timeless, indulgent and give a strong impression of elegance. The geometric shapes will reduce visual ‘busy-ness’ and create subtle solutions. Look to A.M Cassandre, the legendary art deco artist, for inspiration will doubt get those creative juices flowing.



Since 2019, we’ve seen many brands make the shift to minimalist logos and total rebranding to suit this aesthetic. Just look at Google – after the major restructuring in 2015 they updated their icons across all products to create a cohesive look and feel.

Simple design can build strong association to the brand. By selecting just one colour the brand is more likely to become synonymous with it. The design will turn out stylish and have good balance between copy and image.

Just remember with minimalism there might be some complications. Research from Business Insider found that participants liked descriptive logos more and that it gave them a better idea of what the brand stood for. For more established brands, minimalism could be the way forward but start-ups and newer companies might want to adopt descriptive imagery for clarity.


To wrap up…

These are just a few ideas that design trends could follow on 2023. Obviously things change incredibly quickly and in a month’s time a something else might come along!

But what do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what trends you see on the horizon for 2023.

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