Our Creative Recruitment Manager, Katy Nagy, recaps the creative landscape in 2021 and looks forward to predict what next year has in store for the industry.

Katy Nagy - Creative Recruitment Manager


So what’s next? What will 2022 bring?

The biggest trend from 2021 was artificial intelligence (AI). It allows brands to target even more specific audiences that ever before, and will likely be exploited further in 2022.

Programmatic ads mean more exciting trends on the horizon; voice search and voice commands (thinking about your Alexa in the corner!). We can expect brands to be super interested in developing their won voices apps to put customers in contact with business easier and more frequent, boosting communication and customer experience.

Many industry experts also predict that marketing will be less about the product, and more about the customer’s needs. Big data has made it possible to create hyper-personalised experiences based on the customer’s online activity. By understand their needs more and adapting their advertising, companies can create better brand loyalty and more meaningful interactions.

What does this all mean?

Ultimately, companies need to stay ahead of the curve and create a long term strategy in order to do this. Don’t just hop on the latest fad – think about how your internal teams are structured and what areas you might need to bulk out on. Do you have the right talent to create stunning and successful campaigns across digital and social?

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