What does the future hold for social media? What are the top tips for securing a job in content creation and community building? And how important is social media when it comes to the Finance sector?

Sophie Lawson, Digital Content & Community Officer at RIFT Group, answered all of these questions for us, as well as letting us know how she found working with The Candidate to secure her latest role.

Sophie Lawson, Digital Content & Community Officer at RIFT Group


What challenges does social media face?

I think the biggest challenge that social media faces right now is staying relevant. Things move so fast on social media and with short-form content being pushed to the max at the moment it’s getting harder and harder to get users attention and even harder to keep that attention. It’s a tough balance between curating content that really holds value and that ‘thumb-stopping’ content that entertains.                                                       


What excites you about social media, now and in the future?

The influencer space and how that is expanding is really exciting to me. Brands are now beginning to use user generated content in a whole new way on social media and influencer campaigns are becoming much more creative and complex than simply just reviewing a product. In the future, the ‘influencer’ will look completely different to what it looks like now.                                            


Top 5 Tips for securing a job in your industry:

  • Always back yourself when it comes to your ideas and abilities.
  • Show them what you can do. Show them the design you created or the copy you wrote!
  • Research the company. Make a note of things they are doing right and things you would improve.
  • Understand you’re not the expert yet. Ask lots of questions. You don’t know more than the people that have worked there for years.
  • Get the skills you need. When working in social media the more skills you pick up the more you can offer. Take the course, attend the workshop.


How was your experience working with The Candidate?

I had a really positive experience with The Candidate. It was the easiest process, one message on LinkedIn, I gave them an idea of what I was looking for and they found my new role for me within the week that ticked all the boxes. They kept in contact with me regularly through the interview stages and answered any questions I had. It was a really quick process with no issues whatsoever.


Thank you Sophie - some fantastic insights!

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