Kelly Cunningham, a Content Executive at Northern Quarter based marketing agency, Cube3 has experience in creating engaging content and inspiring concepts for a range of different clients. She talks to us to explain the highs and lows of making it as a ‘Creative’ in one of the most creative cities in the UK.


The highlights and lowlights

One highlight is the people. The creative industry attracts some of the most amazing talent, so in each agency I’ve worked at, I’ve met friends for life.

Obviously, the work is a highlight too. The fact that you can be three weeks into a new job and already be sent to Leeds on a sunny Friday to try some pizza “to get your head in the brief” is great.

People click on your blog for answers, so knowing that your writing is helping others is another amazing feeling. And putting a smile on people’s faces when they view the advert you’ve created or funny one-liner.

It does come with its challenges though. Like the late nights before a new business pitch or when you think you’ve finally cracked the idea only to find someone else has done it before. Usually Coca-Cola.

The culture

Agency life isn’t for everyone.

It’s fast-paced and everyday is a juggling act. You're constantly jumping between 2-3 different tones of voice and brand guidelines.

But if you’re up for the challenge, like to end the week with a couple of beers, don’t mind a late night or two every so often or putting on a few extra pounds (trust me, the office treats are constant), then agency life is for you!

In terms of content. I got into it because I really enjoy physically writing. I’m forever jumping into meetings with a trusty notepad and pen, and always write everything I want to say before I type it. Even this blog!

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