We recently caught up with Chris Scregg who we placed as a CRM Executive at Parcel2Go. Hear how he made the the leap into CRM and what it is like to work for one of the busiest and successful parcel delivery comparison websites.


What interests you most about your industry?

  • How price sensitive our customer base is. Price is the be all and end all for customers in this industry, if you don’t have a competitive price, you won’t survive. Granted, this is usually the case in most industries to a certain extent, but usually, businesses can survive by offering a “premium” look/feel, here though, there’s no chance of that.

What type of person excels in this type of role?

  • Someone who can think from a customer perspective, but also from a marketing one. Constantly in my daily routine, I come up with ideas on how to promote a certain product/service in the customer journey that suits the business but I have to also understand how this would be received from a customers point of view.
  • Someone who is always producing new ideas on how to improve the service of the business and boost customer retention as much as possible. This could be by improving communication from the business or making improvements to the customer journey both pre-purchase and post-purchase.

What are the highlights of your job?

  • In my role right now, I am given a lot of freedom to work on things I feel will improve performance. My manager has a lot of confidence in me to work productively and allows me to proactively look for new work/challenges.
  • My employer places a great focus on personal development and I feel as though I am being backed to improve my skill set.
  • The team are a great bunch of people, they are so easy to work with and make work so much more enjoyable for me.

Will you use a recruitment agency again in the future?

  • I would likely contact The Candidate for any help in future.

Top Tips for securing a job in your industry.

  • Express an ability to adapt to change, both within the business but also within the wider environment.
  • Keep up to date with trends/threats/opportunities in the industry (Couriers struggling with xmas demand).
  • Be prepared for some days longer than others. Courier operations can go down overnight, and all hands-on deck required if this happens.

Thanks to Chris for shining a light on his job search and what he does as a CRM Executive. 


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