Every year we place loads of talented individuals in top jobs within Performance Media and Paid Search. Last year we successfully placed Rebecca Lord in the next step of her online career as Online Acquisition Manager. We picked her brain on her new role and what her tips are for getting a job in the eCommerce industry. This is what she had to say!

What interests you about your new role and how has it developed your career?
My new role is exciting as it’s the ideal opportunity to make the switch from a purely PPC based role to all online acquisition. I’m excited to build on my SEO knowledge and strengthen these skills as well as overhaul the paid search account.

What were you looking for in a new role from a work and a personal point of view?
I wanted a fun, friendly company with an exciting product, I wanted the role to be challenging with room to grow and progress within the company.

What interests you about the industry that you work in?
Being a mum and working at Al Fresco Holidays, toddler-friendly holidays couldn’t be a better product to be part of – I’m sure there will be lots of exciting adventures for all of my family to come!

What sort of person suits a role in Paid Search?
Attention to detail is key for PPC and a good understanding of numbers, budgets, customer journeys and attribution. A wider understanding of digital marketing helps as well.

What preparation should people do early in their career to prepare for the role that you are in?
Take an interest in how all online channels work together and complement each other, it’s important to understand that whilst PPC can be hugely important to a company, it shouldn’t cannibalise other channels. With so much investment in paid search, it’s so important to create a good, easy to understand set of reports so any issues can be identified and corrected in a timely manner and you can highlight the benefits of changes you have made too.

What are the highlights of working in a role such as yours?
I love that with paid search, changes and seeing results can be fairly instant. It’s great when a decision you make has a positive impact and you have the stats to back this up.

What are the challenges that people can expect in that role?
With so much investment in paid search, the moment anything slows down, all eyes are on you! This is why it’s so important to understand the details and have a good set of reports because lots of questions will get asked.

What added value do you get from a recruitment agency such as The Candidate?
Using a recruitment agency makes finding a new role so much easier – especially with somebody like Stevie who took the time to understand what I wanted from a new role and my skill set. I was presented with a selection of roles that were relevant for me – no reading through tonnes of job specs. The best thing about using an agency is the support, the good luck phone calls and the feedback really helps settle nerves and gives you confidence to go for it. 

Finally, what are your Top 5 tips on securing a role in Paid Search?

1)      Get Google Adwords & Bing Certified

2)      Have a thorough knowledge of Google Analytics

3)      Work with a company you believe in 

4)      Sign up to Google updates, Search Engine Land etc. to keep up to date with industry news

5)      Know your numbers, spend, revenue, profit, ROI, COS, CTR, C/R, AOV – you will be asked!

If like Rebecca you have a passion for Paid search and would like to progress your career then check out our latest jobs here! Or if you would like to chat about your options contact our team on 0161 833 1044 or email your CV to [email protected].




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