Like the hundreds of people we placed in digital jobs in 2016, Kimberley Stewart got a great job at Digital Agency Visualsoft as a PPC Analyst. We asked her to answer some questions for us on digital marketing and give some tips on how to prepare for your career and how to get your dream job!

What attracted you to your new role and what has been the best part?
I was looking for a role where I could expand my PPC & digital knowledge. What excited me the most about this role was that I’ve been given the opportunity to share my PPC knowledge with new starters and help train them in PPC.

What were you looking for in a new role?
I was looking for a role where I would be challenged, busy but still be able to learn.

What interests you most about the digital marketing industry?
What interests me the most is the fast pace in which the digital world is growing and changing. You have to make sure that you are continuously up to date with the latest news and updates.

What type of person excels in this type of role
It’s someone with good attention to detail, enjoys analysing data and has patience.

What is the best preparation you have had for this role?
I’d say a passion for the industry and it’s handy to know how to use excel & have a good maths knowledge!

What are the highlights of your job?
If you have a genuine interest within digital and PPC then a highlight of working in a role such as mine would be seeing your ideas, which you have implemented, work to increase conversions/sales etc.

What are the challenges of your role?
It would be lack of communication. This is when campaigns can be set up wrong or the wrong offer could be advertised. During my time working in PPC I have learnt to always double check the information I have been provided with. 

What added value did you get from job hunting with a recruitment agency such as us here at The Candidate?
The Candidate add that personal touch and make you feel at ease when job searching. During my experience The Candidate have been very helpful and have kept in touch to see how I am getting on, from the start of my job search right up until after my start date in my new role.

Top 5 tips on securing a role within digital marketing

Experience – Gain relevant experience in digital marketing, there are plenty of ways to do this from MOOCs, YouTube, Udemy, paid courses, apprenticeships; the list is endless.

Research – Everything! From the company to the role specification and even more!

Don’t Give Up – You will have knock backs & maybe sometimes regrets but don’t dwell on them, be confident, move on and don’t give up!

Keep Up To Date – Make sure you are up to date with latest news and trends within the industry as you never know when the information could come in handy.

Preparation – This is a bit of a general one but preparation is key!  Starting with the preparation of your CV, to your interview, right up to your first day.

If you are interested in getting a role in PPC then check out the jobs we have on offer here! Or if you would like to talk to us about your recruitment needs then contact one of our award winning team on 0161 833 1044!


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