Here at The Candidate, we have a team of strong and experienced women all of whom are in different stages of their careers and lives. This International Women’s Day, we asked them to share their advice to help other women thrive in the world of work.



Rachel Beattie – Agency Recruitment Consultant

“Prioritize and look after yourself - don’t waste time caring about other people’s judgements you know yourself the best!

Even if you had a bad day recognize the small wins.

Network as much as possible to build professional relationships.

Follow inspiring and likeminded career people/content on social media for inspiration!”



Victoria Fuentes - Senior Marketing Recruitment Consultant

“When there is a will there is a way!

Support other women - everyday in our office we check on each other if someone seems down and needs a chat, and we even share heaters when the AC is on!”



Meg Hughes - Senior Marketing Recruitment Consultant

“Powerful women empower women. It’s cheesy but so true! It’s important to check in on each other and help out when you can – we’ve got a great mix of women at all levels of their career here at The Candidate, so it’s great to see you can definitely achieve big things!”



Evie Barker – Agency Recruitment Consultant

“Be yourself! It sounds so cliché, but who cares what anyone else thinks? When working in prior workplaces, women were encouraged to wear makeup and dress up when the male bosses were coming in or for meetings – we should never have to conform to what other people think!”



Sara  Taylor – Agency Recruitment Consultant

"Don't be afraid to ask for what you deserve. For example, men are much more proactive when asking for salary reviews/promotions or even negotiating their initial salary's with employers. I think often (at least personally!) women can tend to think it will make them less desirable to an employer, or that if they deserve a raise then their employer will just give it to them - when that's not the case at all. So negotiate salary reviews or other benefits! As long as you aren't asking for the world and you can back yourself up with industry knowledge of other salaries for a position/role like yours (or positive impacts you've directly made to the company) then its more than fair to ask for a review!"


Natalie Metcalf – Marketing Executive

“Listen to your gut - Don’t force it, if it doesn’t feel right then listen and choose what feels right for you, regardless of what others may think.

Challenge yourself – try to find ways to grow, whether it’s learning a new skill, attending events, or putting yourself forward to deliver that presentation! It  might feel scary but remember that often our bodies can’t distinguish between fear and excitement, so try to channel your nerves into butterflies!”




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