It is clear that the brand marketing recruitment industry has been booming! We sat down with our Senior Brand Recruitment Consultant, Christian Bloor, to discuss the brand marketing recruitment department and gain advice on how to secure a top job within the sector. 


What challenges have you seen within the industry this past year?
The uncertainty around Brexit is always going to impact a business’ decision to hire. However, the marketing industry has been buoyant and most businesses value the impact of marketing and how this can directly impact sales measurably. So, in truth, it has been a positive year for the industry and I am confident this will continue.

Top 4 Tips for someone to have a successful Brand career?

  1. Be creative, marketing is very visual, especially in brand, so creativity is crucial.
  2. Value your ability, unfortunately, I have spoken to many Marketeers who are not valued enough in their companies, relative to their peers.
  3. Try and keep an open mind to other areas of Marketing, it is great to be a Brand Marketing Specialist. However, if you can understand how the digital side works this will add a lot of value for future roles.
  4. A bias tip here but work closely with agencies, good communication is key – Recruiters are looking at the market every day so they are a great source of information to find out what is going on.

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