Recently, Bloom North held its event ‘Leading with Authenticity’ to explore different leadership styles and the barriers being faced by women in leading roles. Our Recruitment Operations Manager, Rachel Wilson, attended the event held at LEAF to see what it was all about! 


‘You can only be what you can see’
Is there a difference between male and female leaders? Do they face different challenges throughout their careers? Lorna, who was surrounded by strong women growing up said she doesn’t note any tangible difference between male and female leaders. However, she did note that this is a privilege that not everyone has; she always had female leadership in her life so always accepted it and never questioned it. On this same point, Danielle discussed how she never had a problem often being the only women in her field of work, that was until the balance shifted and she found that women had more confidence in their own ability in front of other women. This realisation came from a lady she interviewed alongside a predominantly female panel, someone who excelled in the interview and told her after it was because she didn’t expect that many women to be in front of her. ‘You can only be what you can see’ noted Jennifer; it is unlikely that more women will become leaders without seeing women who have become leaders themselves.

There was a brief discussion about whether if we shape our behaviour to fit the situation, are we still being authentic to ourselves? For example, if we are different people with our children than with our employees, is one of those people fake? Kenyatte talked about the importance of situational leadership and the value of adjusting your leadership style to fit the group of people you are wanting to influence. It is not fake to adjust your style to get the most out of the people you are with at the time.

Key Learnings on Authentic Leadership:

  • In order to progress into leadership, it’s important to let go of the need to be liked – sometimes you’re going to have to make the decision that people don’t like for the good of the business
  • Being authentic to your true self can often lead to your workforce believing in you more. Being that person who is honest, not fake and bring happiness to the environment can motivate people to get behind them.
  • Inspire others - be the person you want others to be; be the person who inspired you to get into business – ‘You can only be what you can see’
  • Learn that situational leadership is not you being fake, but understanding your surroundings and adapting to be the best leader you can be.

Thank you Bloom North for running this insightful event! Whether you're already a successful leader, just started in a leading position or strive to one day attain a leadership role, this is all great information to keep in mind to make sure you're an excellent leader! 

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