As we enter the new year, we are very excited about Blake Thompson joining our contracting department, taking our contract offering to a new level for both candidates and clients. Due to his wealth of experience and knowledge, and his ability to simplify contracting recruitment for marketing clients, we are sure he is going to be an asset to The Candidate team. Read all about Blake and what he has in store for us below.


What is the benefit of using contractors?

From a client’s perspective, one of the main benefits is that it allows you to fulfil a skill shortage within your company, or to hire someone with a niche skillset, for a set amount of time without having to go through the lengthy process of enticing, training and retaining a permanent worker. This coupled with contractors being available at short notice, allows you to quickly plug a gap in your current workforce so they can continue on with the task at hand without the added distraction of more on their plate. Additionally, if and when the project is finished you can go back to your core workforce of permanent employees almost immediately. Contractors can also be brought into place to cover long term absence in cases where the work needs to be completed, but hiring someone permanently for a spot that is likely to be filled again in a few months isn't viable. 

For candidates, some of the key incentives include the opportunity to work on market-leading or bleeding edge projects, to quickly add to and diversify your portfolio. Of course, there's always the added incentive of being paid more for your highly sought after skillset! In some cases, you may be offered home working or flexible working options. This is because you are primarily being brought in to help the company on an individual project with defined goals and tasks, meaning there is no need to travel into the office each day. 

There are of course numerous other benefits of either hiring a contractor or being a contractor, but in a lot of cases a conversation around you or your companies personal circumstances will be a good indicator of what benefits will be of greatest use to you. 

Who should speak to you?

Anyone interested in contracting or information about contracting. Be that seasoned contractor with a wealth of projects under their belts, companies with a history of hiring contractors for their projects, or people and companies just scratching the surface of what the contracting market can offer them.

I'm happy to consult and help with any and all questions you may have, even if you have no plans to become involved in contracting in the near or distant future.

Contact Blake or another member of the team on 0161 833 1044 if your goal is to enter the world of contracting or you have any queries about it!