We recently caught up with Tim Hutchinson, Head of Digital Experience and Product at Slater and Gordon. In this article he talks about how the pandemic has changed digital and his outlook for the future. 


Health and good will to all

Digital health, wearable technology, telemedicine and AI in healthcare will grow exponentially in 2021. This year has made many of us re-evaluate the status as well as resilience of our mental wellbeing and physical health. We have turned to devices to measure and reassure us, and communicated with healthcare experts using more efficient and convenient platforms. These are services we didn’t fully appreciate until we had to use them and 2021 will see these services becoming more prevalent in our day to day lives – whether we like it or not.

Better than life

Virtual Reality will come back. A concept that many people lost themselves in as much as the potential immersive experience itself. However, the technology and experience didn’t quite materialise. Now that we’ve been stuck indoors for so long we need a break from reality, perhaps 2021 will see greater investment into this technology and we’ll finally get our ‘Better than life’.

No chance. Give me a real pint and a hug any day.

Thanks Tim for giving something to think about! If you would like to feature on our blog, get in touch here!

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