At the end of an eventful first year for one of our emerging teams, Analytics Recruitment Manager Leif Radford reflects on the challenges and successes of 2019.

How has 2019 been for the Analytics department?
Personally, this year has been the most exciting in my career to date for a few reasons. In 2018 Analytics didn’t even exist as a department, since then Felix and I have been beavering away to establish us as one of the most efficient teams in the North West. We have been able to deliver on some really tough briefs that larger agencies couldn’t, and support candidates we’ve placed to build out teams of their own. 

We’ve also expanded the remit of roles that we cover into more technical data science and development roles, as well as having new successes with some of the UK’s leading research agencies. We thrive in variety, so widening the net of roles that we understand and are able to deliver is something that’s reaped real rewards in terms of how engaged we are day-to-day. It does mean that every day is a school day for us, but with so much to learn and so many new people to speak to, we’re having lots of fun along the way.


What are you excited about in 2020
One of my standout experiences in 2019 was having the opportunity for The Candidate to sponsor Measurecamp Manchester, a renowned analytics un-convention organised by people in the industry. We were offered a last minute sponsorship slot so jumped at the chance, even if it meant we had less than 2 weeks to prepare. I had personally never done any form of public speaking at all either, so the prospect of having to stand at the front of a room of analysts and try to keep them engaged was a daunting one.

Stresses aside, the day ended up being a steep learning curve, but ultimately a roaring success. So much so that in 2020 we’ve already accepted a sponsors slot for this year’s Measurecamp. Equipped with a year under our belt, 6 months to prepare and feeling much more confident in my speaker abilities, I’m really looking forward to this year’s event already!


Leif and Felix are more than happy to have a chat over the phone or meet you for a coffee – whether that’s to discuss your options as a candidate, to give you some advice or market insight, or to see if they could support you with recruiting.

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