As 2019 draws rapidly to an end, Emma Burke, Agency Recruitment Manager takes the opportunity to spend some time reflecting on the Agency scene over the last 12 months.


It also means that my clients are having to speed up the recruitment process to be able to get talent quicker rather than, in some cases, both parties doing due diligence and finding out whether the business matches their personal goals and aspirations, culture fit and criteria, or whether that person is right for the role that they need.

However, we’re seeing lots of success with the small-mid sized agencies who have scrapped the hierarchical structure inherent in agencies and performing incredible results-driven work for their clients. In addition, the larger network agencies are still able to attract talent due to their prestige, the strength of teams and career progression opportunities available.

Having recruited into agency for… a while, I have been fairly worried about the “state of agency” and how it will impact businesses in the region. However, I’m pleased to report that I have found that there are fewer people wanting to move in-house. Agencies are continuing to grow and adapt, some more organically and strategically, and whilst there is increased competition in the region by some major players, there seem to be enough businesses moving to the NW, or wanting to escape London priced agencies and making the absolute most of the incredible talent that we have up here.

Personally, it’s been a fantastic year and I’m so proud not only of the agencies that we’ve supported but the candidates that have found their dream roles agency side.

It’s been a fantastic year for agencies to thrive and hopefully 2020 will bring more opportunities! If you want to know more about marketing roles here at The Candidate get in touch business today. Contact our recruitment specialists on 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected].

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