As part of our #GoNorth campaign, representatives of some of the biggest Manchester digital and media agencies have undersigned our Open Letter to London, encouraging digital professionals to consider a move to Manchester and its thriving digital scene...


If after reading about how amazing it is to live and work in Manchester, you want to be a part of something special and join the city that was once at the heart of an industrial revolution and is now at the heart of a digital one, then have a look at our job vacancies here.


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We, the undersigned, are writing to digital and media professionals in London to encourage you to consider a move to Manchester, the thriving digital capital of the North, for a better quality of life.


We, as representatives of some of the biggest digital and media agencies in the North West, believe that the North West is a land of opportunity, both professionally and personally - with a significantly higher earning potential in real terms and far greater standard of living


Via the #GoNorth campaign the region has spoken too, as the digital and media community has given you 100 reasons why Manchester and the Northwest is such a great place to both to live and work in, to encourage those who might be thinking about changing jobs to think about working here in the Northwest.


There is currently a huge shortage of candidates with digital expertise in the North, particularly the Northwest and Manchester, so there is lots of opportunity for those in the sector who would consider relocating.


Recent research by The Candidate, digital marketing recruitment specialists, has highlighted the North / South divide in real terms of income and standards of living, showing that for those that would consider the move 'up North' it could be very lucrative.


The research showed that yes, salaries might be higher down south, but with the cost of living significantly more expensive, a northern professional is left with considerably more disposable income to spend, save and invest and live a higher standard of living.


Our independent research showed a 33.54% higher cost of living in London than in Manchester. This was based on consumer prices, including rent, food, shopping and socialising.


However, the difference is not reflected in salary, for example, the average salary for a digital marketing professional living in Manchester is around £25,001, while in London pay is only 18 per cent higher at £29,583. 


Accommodation prices were the most significantly different with the average rental costs in London over 109.68% higher than in Manchester. An average one bedroom flat in Manchester was £650.00 pcm, whereas, in London it was £1,400 pcm. This demonstrates that middle management in London would be spending a significantly higher portion on rental costs.


So what are you waiting for - there are plenty of jobs available in the digital marketing and media sector in the North West. The digital scene is thriving and with MediaCityUK now just outside of Manchester city centre, it is definitely the best place for digital outside London.


And to help you make up your mind, here are 100 great reasons why the North West is best, written by digital and media professionals already living and working here; 100 Great Reasons to #GoNorth





The Candidate



Rob Weatherhead

MediaCom i-Lab

Digital Operations Director



Ben McKay


Managing Director - MEC Organic Performance



Mark Kuhillow






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