Briony Sheard has been a long-standing connection of The Candidate’s and with an extensive career in digital marketing, who better to talk to the team about affiliate marketing than the expert herself!




What does an Affiliate Marketer do?

Affiliate Marketers build and manage key relationships with affiliate partners by carrying out affiliate marketing activities which will help grow revenue.  Typically they aim to optimise campaigns through affiliate marketing channels whilst also ensuring that all ROI and sales targets are met. They will work in a reactive environment where they can track and validate promotions in order to achieve the desired transactions. With affiliate marketing becoming even more and more important to businesses, it’s certainly an industry to get into!

Briony’s top 3 skills for a successful career in Affiliate Marketing:

1. Relationship Management
The ability to forge, strong relationships with key figures is vital in order for affiliate marketing to be successful because a major part of the job is forming partnerships which will ultimately lead to the increase in sales.

2. Interpersonal Skills
Without excellent interpersonal skills, affiliate marketing would be very difficult since almost all aspects of affiliates involves communication and interaction with different types of people and businesses.  

3. Commercial Acumen
Commercial awareness is a highly-valued skill in any organisation and it’s a relatively easy skill to develop by keeping your finger on the pulse in regards to the latest industry news. In order to target the right audience and achieve the required sales, it is important to have a strong understanding of the business and its needs along with what its competitors are doing – this information could be invaluable!

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