Katy Hughes recently left her job as Marketing Manager at a financial service organisation to make a change in career as an affiliate recruitment manager in a city centre agency. Changes like this happen every day and it's great to keep your options open with digital marketing allowing for so many transferable skills to be applied. Katy kindly put a few words together for us to let you know about her experience.

There comes a time in your career where you think 'where am I going?', 'Is this me set for life', sound familiar? That's exactly what I experienced in my old marketing role; how was I going to progress further? What am I missing out on?

4 years of client side marketing and I made the ultimate decision to start looking for other marketing roles. My role being so vast and widespread I didn't necessarily have a niche skill which I believed would pop out of my CV. Originally I was worried thinking I wouldn't be able to get an agency role because I had mediocre experience in various marketing areas whereas there could be hundreds/thousands of potential candidates with far more advanced skills than me in a certain area. What to do?

To overcome initial worries, the best advice from my experience would be to contact a recruitment specialist, such as The Candidate; talk through your CV and skills. With a recruitment specialist on board, help is provided for you to improve on your CV and interview techniques.

Also it is a case with the marketing industry being so fast paced, in particular digital marketing, you may not necessarily feel up to speed with everything going on. But then again everyone else is probably in the same boat as you. Take time out for yourself and figure out which area you enjoy the most and would preferably like to focus on, talking about it with an industry professional can help drive you in the right direction.

If you want a change in the industry that you've come to love, just come and chat to us. Development and change are key essentials of life to keep things interesting and we've become experts helping people across the UK make that move. Thanks Katy and good luck!



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