With a background in Communications and Media, Bethany Hillan has now joined The Candidate as our new Recruitment Executive. She describes her journey to Digital Marketing Recruitment and why she chose to join us. 


It got to a point where I felt like I had hit a standstill, I had come out of yet another interview for another agency, again feeling underwhelmed when I got a message from a friend who was working at The Candidate. I explained that I was looking for a role in recruitment and it all went on from there. Whilst researching The Candidate it was obvious that it wasn’t the “typical” recruitment agency,  unlike so many other recruitment agencies The Candidate are so clearly candidate focused. After my first stage interview, I knew I wanted the job, which was a first! I felt a genuine warmth and passion from the directors and employees, it wasn’t the usual corporate environment.  

It sounds cliché but a main aim of mine was to work for a company that felt like a family. I can truthfully say that after my first week at The Candidate and my first ever experience in recruitment that it was the decision to hold off and wait to find the right role and the right company. From the outset, I have been made to feel welcome and involved, and everyone in the office is willing to offer a helping hand. Unlike many other recruitment agencies where staff works for themselves, there is a real sense of team spirit here, and an atmosphere of shared success. My first week has been fantastic, I have learnt a lot, met new friends, and I can’t wait to build a career at The Candidate. If you’re considering a career in recruitment then The Candidate is the best place to be.

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