Nikki Brown began her role as a Digital Marketing Executive at a creative advertising agency after relocating to Manchester from Hull. Nikki is really enjoying her new life venture, living and working in Manchester City Centre and wanted to share with us her thoughts on how she found the job search with The Candidate.  


What are the highlights of your job?
I love seeing the results of a digital campaign, it’s exciting to see your following grow or a huge success when you’re reporting. I especially like creating plans and growing new clients’ social media profiles as you can see the difference in such a short space of time.

What are the challenges of your role?
Time management is a huge one, there are so many different things going on at once you need to be able to prioritise and use your time wisely. I also experience quite a few technical issues and end up trying to connect to social media help desks, which aren’t actually that helpful!

What added value did you get from job hunting with a recruitment agency such as us here at The Candidate?
I think The Candidate really boosted my confidence, it felt nice knowing that someone was on my side and wanted to help me. Moving to Manchester was a big change for me but working with The Candidate made it feel a lot less daunting and they were so helpful throughout the whole thing.

Will you contact a recruitment agency again for any future career change?
Yes definitely, The Candidate will be the first agency I contact if I ever look to change roles.

 Top 5 tips for securing a job in the digital marketing industry: 

  1. Show you’re willing to keep learning and never assume you know everything because it’s always changing
  2. Be organised, it will help you so much when you get busy
  3. Be creative, even silly ideas can become something
  4. Don’t give up, there’s a lot of competition out there but eventually the right job will come
  5. Show you’re passionate about digital marketing and employers will see a lot more potential in someone who cares.

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