The recession continues to bite, but the appetite for companies to make profits and in some case excessive profits, continues. After all that's why they exist! But have you noticed further "tightening" of the belt recently? Free coffee and fruit been pulled? Your colleagues have left and no-one is brought in to replace them? Even worse, it seems as if someone's got it in for you? Have a look at these 5 ways to keep your boss happy in times like these!


-          Working from home on the occasional project without screaming for overtime can go down well. The service levels or product volumes which your company provides do fluctuate and when the demand is a little higher than what you can all put in working 9-5 then be flexible. In the long run, should things continue on the up whilst demand is rising, then you'll likely be part of the rewards. Stick to the 9-5 rigidly and you'll likely not see the excessive rewards further down the line.


-          Remember, they are stressed too! It is likely that they are in middle management (debatably the most challenging place to be) and they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. I know it is hard to sympathise, after all they are on a greater salary, but to justify that they must perform at a higher level! Sympathise with them, understand their pain and before too long you'll be helping them through this rough phase and be seen to be a solution, not the problem.


-          Don't get your back up at unreasonable requests. All things usually balance out and a little give and take goes a long way. Like a relationship, this needs to exist and as you're likely spend more time during the week with your boss than you're other half. The identification of middle ground can go a long way to help prevent fall outs in the long run. Just like you want a weekend away in Spain with your mates and you have to wine and dine your other half in advance (and afterwards) then you'll have to work late if you have the occasional Friday afternoon finish at 3pm!


-          Work as a team and don't squabble like children. Fact is, we are all different and some have better skills than others in different areas. So, it is likely that unfortunately some of your work mates will be better and more efficient at the job than you. Don't take this personally, just deal with it, work with them and avoid causing a headache for your boss. It is the last thing they need and it can isolate you!


-          Remember they are human. They have a family, maybe kids, holidays, desires and ambitions. Ask how things are and don't let day to day work be the be all and end all of your relationship. It can be a really simple way of breaking down any issues and helping build bridges. I know you don't really care and that way if it back fires and they tell you to mind your own business (which is highly unlikely) then you can simply walk away.


Or, if you've simply had enough, why not get in contact and send your CV to us at [email protected]. Good Luck!


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