Given that today's digital marketing sector is very much candidate and employee driven, it goes without saying that that your most important focus should be your staff. By focusing on these key areas this should help you nurture the talent that you have. They are both areas that clients and candidates should be focussing on in order to develop staff and increase retention:

  1. PDP - to assist with a steady level of development, digital employees should have a Personal Development Plan, this will identify their strengths and shortfalls in their skill-set and ultimately gave you the direction you both need.
  2. Training - regular training sessions based around the role and `sharpening the sword' for your staff. It is so easy to put training on the back burner, but a little time devoted can pay huge dividends
  3. Know your competition - the reason that people tend to leave is that they feel that the grass is greener. Identify what sets you apart and shout develop that.  
  4. Identify their ideal role - as with the majority of people they will want to progress - show them steps that they have to take and deliver 
  5. Celebrate the wins - it is important that a team ethos is developed. This will come about if you celebrate any wins

As a digital marketing recruitment agency based in Manchester we are keen to support our clients and candidates alike.

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