2021 is here and if there was ever a year that hastened the development of software and external support systems it was last year. It paves the way for a hugely exciting year in tech, offering solutions for teams and individuals that not only serve a purpose but add to the culture and work ethic as well as creating, developing and defining brands for companies and workplaces. Engagement, customer journey, conversion rates and predictive learning all feature as part of our predictions for the year.

Our Senior Technology Recruiters Jack Such and Blake Thompson compiled the feedback from a selection of our candidates operating as a Senior Software Developer, Development Manager, Solutions Architect and a Lead .Net Developer. Enjoy!


Transition Towards Self-Service Models

Similarly, to the expected growth in the SAAS market, we predict that businesses are likely to increase their focus on self-service models. Industries far and wide, ranging from automotive to dental, will require a shift to autonomous and digitalised processes to ensure their customers are still given the best service, and converted from prospect into customer, in the same manner. This requirement is likely to see the market and tech behind chatbots and self-service technology to continue to improve as businesses rely less on human interactions to deal with enquiries.


Focus on Events-Driven Architecture

Briefly described as ‘a software architecture paradigm promoting the production, detection, consumption of, and reaction to events, Events-Driven Architecture is likely to be one of the key industry phrases of 2021. As remote working and a digital customer base is becoming ever prominent, the reliance to ensure business structure, support and monitoring is a core driver behind the requirement to implement Events-Driven architecture. As businesses rely more on their systems to maintain their incoming revenue, the increased emphasis there is on the stage process within a system, ensuring that a business not only functions correctly but is also entirely protected

Thanks everyone for your predictions for Tech & IT this year. We wish you all the best and a prosperous 2021.


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